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We offer a wide range of services, ranging from hardcore coding to advise on project approach...

  • software and algorithm development
  • database design and implementation
  • analysis tools
  • web development
  • advice for your specific problems

Cellingo is a one-man company owned and run by me (Michiel Noback). I have a PhD in molecular genetics but moved away from the lab and into bioinformatics in 2002. Cellingo is in business since 2008 and has specialized in informatics technologies for the life sciences.
I am certified Java Programmer but I also work with Python, R, Javascript and PHP.
Cellingo can help you with a variety of (bio)informatics aspects - just have a look at the Possibilities section. Our strength is our ability to really listen to your wishes and translate this into an affordable, reliable solution.



Several projects were finsihed successfully or have resulted in a long-term professional relationship. Her you can find a few of them...

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Territory analysis of bird monitoring data

A Java system that can analyze monitor data of birds for breeding territories. Given a set of sightings through the season, this system returns the number of territories and their probable location. The tool is currently in second-phase development for SOVON and already embedded in their web site for a second pilot. If you are interested in the tool and want to try it out yourself, you should contact Henk Sierdsema (Henk.Sierdsema at sovon.nl), or simple become a BMP-er.


For the Institute of Life Sciences and Technology (ILST) of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, a Curriculum, Courses and Project task manager program was developed. It does not have much to do with the life science domain of course. A screen shot of this program, written in Java & Swing, can be seen below.

Simplot, A simple plotting tool

Simplot is a simple plotting tool that can be used to quickly the time-dependancy of mathematical functions. This tool is implemented in Javascript.



Several tools were previously developed, and some of them are freely available:

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Check out my BioJava lite project, SequenceTooles on Bitbucket
Can be used to read in sequence data from Fasta or GenBank files, perform Smith-Waterman alignments, draw graphics maps of annotated sequences etc. Still in development but feel free to try out (and comment on it). This can be used and distributed freely, but please acknowledge www.cellingo.net in your communications. And be aware that this software has no warranty wahtsoever!

A simple html generator for phylogenetic trees

You can find it here
A tool that generates a clickable, collapsing/expanding phylogenetic tree from a Newick format input. You can use this tool standalone or embed it within your own site.



Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions concerning possibilities for advice and development or our tools!

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